Mission, Vision and Values


International Presence


Project and Planning

Through the experience and know-how of a specialized team we guarantee quality planning and complete service, ensuring the entire process from consultancy, tool construction, project management, prototypes and pre-series, with a view to the production and finishing of the desired part. Our project management team believes that in partnership with the customer, the best results can be achieved in terms of economic efficiency, delivery time, quality and longevity of the tools and parts produced.

Development Process

Our development team intends to create productive alternatives through mapping processes, starting from the analysis of the structure/functionality of the part until the creation of a method focused on the continuous improvement of the productive processes and tools, always with their focus on increasing the final quality of the piece produced.

Transformation and Manufacturing

Fundifás has equipment with a high degree of process control, which allows it to reach the levels of excellence and quality required by customers in various transformation processes.
Currently, the injection process guarantees the design of Aluminum, Zamak and Brass.
Machines from 100 Ton. to 1100 Ton.
3 Axis CNC Machines


Surface Finishing

The vast experience and uniqueness of our company allows us to understand each customer´s need to offer a distinct product to the market. This way, we invest in techniques capable of improving the surface appearance, creating new decorative effects and preparing the pieces for the required purposes.
Sanded; Polished; Shredded; Vibrated


Surface Treatment

The surface treatment sector has an essential role in our organization because of both the ability to add value to the customer and the differentiation it allows in the market. Fundifás has the human and technical resources that allow different types of finishes which provide benefits in ways that increase the durability and life of the materials, such as aesthetics or the embellishment of the part, regardless of the technical character.
Painting, Finishing in PVD and Galvanization (with all its variants).



The customer need to obtain a product in a more advanced processed state, boosted the creation of a personalized coupling service of components, allowing the customer to benefit from the productive synergies, to immediately check the adjustment accuracy of the various components and functionality.


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We are a medium-sized company based in the district of Aveiro that is ready to grow and gladly respond to customer needs, offering solutions for injection molding (non-ferrous alloy), surface finishes/treatments and component assembly. Over the years we have invested in new technologies as we consider ourselves a Learning Organization clearly focused on learning, human capital development, quality of production processes and continuous improvement. In our way of working, the main objective is to add value and increase appraisal to the customer, so we like to position ourselves in the market in an evolutionary way because we believe that only with this philosophy can we respond to the current and future challenges of our business and of our customers.